Your “I Will Love You” Based On Your Zodiac Sign.

We all are made in a way that once in a lifetime we fall in love, a love which transcends every emotion and makes us feel out of the world. Love is a great feeling, and it is even great when you have that loved ones with you. But like everything in the world has its limit, this beautiful feeling is too very delicate and can be shattered in a minute if you take it for granted.

Here we have listed the “I will love you” based on every zodiac sign. Do read it carefully and make sure you are not doing anything wrong with your partner.

#1. Aries: I Will Love You

Aries is the Zodiac sign of Mars, the God of War. So, it’s no wonder that each day of their lives is a battle between something or the other. They are ready to fight until the end! If you are in any type of relationship with an Aries, try to keep them busy by giving them something to conquer. By doing so, they will continually try to get you… forever.

#2. Taurus: I Will Love You Until You Break My Heart.

Taurus is easy to hurt, but very difficult to destroy! They are brave and steady, withstanding anything that life throws at them. They are quite sensitive, so find a creative way to criticize them. Insulting them or the way the look will only break their heart.

#3. Gemini: I Will Love You Until You Try To Outsmart Me.

Gemini is the master of deception, so playing games with them is not a good idea. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, commerce, and intellectual affairs. Once they realize that you are trying to fool them, it`s the end! From that point, they will keep looking for a way to make you look idiotic.

#4. Cancer: I Will Love You Until You Abandon Me.

The company is of utmost importance for a Cancer. Not only they enjoy spending time together but relationships for them serve as a means of balance.
Cancer is a possessive sign to whom emotional security is vital! They will love you until you make them think that you are not worthy of their love and trust. From this point, they will go away and the chances of them coming back are nil.

#5. Leo: I Will Love You Until You Make Me Look Like A Fool.

They are always quite protective of their social image and they insist on being appreciated in any type of relationship. Never insult them, particularly for the things they are sensitive or insecure about. Leos are individuals to whom truth is sacred, so they want to know both of your strengths and weaknesses. They want to love you for who you really are.

#6. Virgo: I Will Love You Until You Start Lying.

Virgos are children of Mercury and are considered as the masters of criticism and truth. They are fully aware of the things happening around them all the time and they are great observers. You will lose them forever at the very moment they realize that you are lying to them.

#7. Libra: I Will Love You Until You Mess With My Peace.

Being diplomats and peacemakers, these people will always look for a way to put an end to a conflict. So, it is no wonder that they are very tolerant and willing to do anything they can to make a relationship last. Beware though, never mess with their thing or ask for troubles!

#8. Scorpio: I Will Love You Until You Start Keeping Secrets From Me.

Don’t mess with a Scorpio! Make sure you come clean to them as they are capable of handling the truth! As long as there are not any secrets or lies, a Scorpio will truly love you. Being honest is the key to keeping them by your side. Also, make sure you don’t try to outsmart them.

#9. Sagittarius: I Will Love You Until You No Longer Bring Hope To Me.

Making the children of Zeus go mad is very easy! All you have to do is to make them feel down. They will love you forever, as long as you keep your optimism. These people are quite ambitious and always look for a person who trusts their vision and integrity.

#10. Capricorn: I Will Love You Until You Give Up.

Capricorns really know how to make things last, including relationships and friendships. If you give up on your life, Capricorn will stop admiring right away! Capricorns fall in love with those they admire, so giving up is not an option. If you are patient and willing to make things better, they will love you forever.

#11. Aquarius: I Will Love You

Your personality traits and the things that make you unique are the things that Aquarius love about you. Embrace your uniqueness and your diverse qualities! Don’t stop surprising them with your little secrets, as the moment you start looking like everyone else is the moment they will leave.

#12. Pisces: I Will Love You Until You Stop Me From Dreaming.

Pieces are sensitive, even though they might seem cold. They live in their dream world and travel on a regular basis, seeking for inspiration. Never stop inspiring and motivating them with your warm heart and kindness.