These Amazing Illustrations Carry Deep Messages And Show The Practical Aspects Of Life.

These illustrations are made by DestinyBlue. Her artworks show everyday human struggles and battles. Along with the messages, the style of these electronic paintings is pleasing. If you wish to find out a lot more, read listed below.

Have a look at these amazing illustrations by DestinyBlue which carry deep messages and show the practical aspects of life.

#1. You Have To Fix Yourself.

It can be tough, yet it will certainly be worth ultimately.

#2. You Have The Key To Your Freedom.

Do not always depend on others, your happiness depends on you.

#3. Realities And Pain Are Deeply Buried Under The Thick Layer Of Makeup.

Makeups are now hiding the scars of life.

#4. You Have To Solve Your Own Life’s Puzzle.

Life is a challenge and you need to resolve it alone, at times.

#5. You Have To Stitch Your Damaged Heart, Nobody Will Do It For You.

Often, you need to fix your issues by yourself.

#6. The Warmth Of Love.

The physical feeling might be gone yet the memory remains.

#7. Opening Up to Someone Is More Important Than Getting Nude.

It is not regarding physical nudity, it is about opening up (to a person).

#8. I’m Fine.

You have to tell this to yourself every day.

#9. What Depression Feels Like.

You intend to really feel good but you have no control over your feelings.

#10. Distance Hardly Matters When The Love Is True.

Both of you might seem away from each other however deep inside you are with each other.

#11. Good Friends Motivate You In The Hardships Of Life.

With your buddies, you find delight in life.

#12. Depression Is Real.

Depression is painful.

#13. There’s Always Hope.

There is always a little ray of light to lead you to the best path.

#14. Getting Over The Past Is Not That Easy.

It takes lots of time to heal all wounds.

#15. Bruises And Scars.

Means you have struggled and survived.

#16. Lonesome Feeling Is Bad For You.

People need a helping hand, at times.